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The icon for Activity stamps in the Stamp Book.

Activity Stamps are a type of stamp in CP3D. They are usually obtained by completing random objectives around the island. There are currently 17 activity stamps in the game. There are 4 difficulties of stamps:

  • Easy
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Extreme


Name Description Difficulty Image
Stage Crew Stamp Operate the Switchbox 3000 Easy StageCrewStamp.png
Underground Stamp Find the secret entrance to the underground Easy UndergroundStamp.png
Go Swimming Stamp Swim in water with a rubber duck Easy GoSwimmingStamp.png
Clock Target Stamp Hit the Clock target 10 times in a row Easy ClockTargetStamp.png
Go Green Stamp Recycle 10 objects at the Recycling Plant Easy GoGreenStamp.png
183 days! Stamp Log in with a penguin 183 days or older Medium 183daysStamp.png
Going Places Stamp Waddle around 25 rooms Medium GoingPlacesStamp.png
Dance Party Stamp Party in the Night Club with 10 penguins Medium DancePartyStamp.png
Igloo Party Stamp Throw a party for 10 penguins in your igloo Medium IglooPartyStamp.png
Coffee Server Stamp Serve 5 coffees, using the apron and emote Medium CoffeeServerStamp.png
Pizza Waiter Stamp Serve 5 pizzas, using the apron and emote Medium PizzaWaiterStamp.png
Tree Mob Stamp Get 10 or more penguins to dress up as trees Medium TreeMobStamp.png
365 days! Stamp Log in with a penguin 365 days old or older Hard 365daysStamp.png
Puffle Owner Stamp Adopt and care for 16 puffles Hard PuffleOwnerStamp.png
Berg Drill! Stamp Dance with 20 penguins wearing hard hats at the berg Hard BergDrillStamp.png
Fort Battle Stamp Throw snow at the Forts with 5 penguins of the same color Hard FortBattleStamp.png
Hockey Team Stamp Form a team with 5 penguins in the same jersey Hard HockeyTeamStamp.png
Tour Expert Stamp Answer all tour guide quiz questions correctly Hard TourExpertStamp.png
Party Host Stamp Throw a party for 20 penguins in your igloo Extreme PartyHostStamp.png