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Bean Counters is a minigame in CP3D. The game consists of a penguin attempting to catch bags of java being thrown out of the rear of a truck.


Penguins must catch the java bags and put them onto the pink drop off plate behind the coffee shop while avoiding the obstacles that are also thrown out of the truck. The more bags that are dropped off, the higher the stacks get, up to a maximum height of 15 bags.

The player's score is increased by 2 for every bag caught, and is increased by 3 for every bag dropped off. The points received for bags caught and turned in multiply by which truck the player is on. (For example if they were on the third truck they would receive triple the amount of points.)

The point requirements for each truck are as follows:

  • 0 Points - Truck 1
  • 50 Points - Truck 2
  • 150 Points - Truck 3
  • 300 Points - Truck 4
  • 500 Points - Truck 5

While it may seem like there is a steep curve to get to the higher trucks the progression is actually pretty linear, with each truck level taking 10 full bags except for truck level 3, which takes 15 full bags.

The game ends when the player runs out of lives or reaches 1000 points. If the player runs out of lives they are given coins equal to the amount of score they achieved. If they reach 1000 points they are given 1000 coins (one coin per point) plus and additional 60 for successfully finishing.


While the obstacles do vary in shape and size, they all do the same thing. Each time the player is hit by an obstacle they lose one life, and have to wait 3 seconds to be able to continue playing. They also lose any bags they were carrying when they were hit.

New obstacles are added on trucks 2, 3, and 4. There are no obstacles on truck 1. The added obstacles are as follows:

  • Truck 2 - Anvils
  • Truck 3 - Fish
  • Truck 4 - Flower Pots


  • Bean Counters was the first mini-game to be implemented in CP3D.
  • The minigame gets its name from the literal meaning of "bean counter" which is "a person involved in corporate or government financial decisions and especially one reluctant to spend money."
  • It is easier to tell where bags and obstacles are going to land in this minigame if you can see their shadows. If you can't, then you need to turn up your graphics settings by going to settings and dragging the quality adjuster to the right until shadows appear.


Name Description Difficulty Image
Second Chance Stamp Collect a 1-UP Star Easy SecondChanceStamp.png
Overzealous Stamp Collect too many bags and fall over Easy OverzealousStamp.png
Good Noodle Stamp Collect two 1-UP Stars in one game Medium GoodNoodleStamp.png
Close Call Stamp Finish the game with one life left Medium CloseCallStamp.png
Artful Dodger Stamp Complete all trucks without losing a life Hard ArtfulDodgerStamp.png
Comedy Gold Stamp Complete the game after getting hit by three or more anvils Hard ComedyGoldStamp.png
Spice of Life Stamp Complete the game after getting hit by all three types of obstacles Hard SpiceofLifeStamp.png
Delivery Legend Stamp Complete the game without letting a single bag drop Extreme DeliveryLegendStamp.png





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