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ChrisCPI ChrisCPI 9 March

The Manual of Style Has Been Released!

Have you ever stared at a blank slate of a page, wondering where to begin? Are you sometimes clueless at how to word or set up an article?

Well have no fear, The Manual of Style is here!

What is the Manual of Style? In short, it is a very complex set of guidelines for how pages are to be structured on the wiki. You'll find instructions for everything from general elements, to specific, common types of articles, to file names! It's all here.

Ever since I became an admin of the wiki in April 2021, a Manual of Style was one of my biggest goals. I knew that it wouldn't happen soon, but someday, we would reach that point. As I've learned more, and as more people and friends came to help me out, it is my pleasure to say that this large goal has fina…

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