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This is a list of all of the custom music found in CP3D, alongside tracks borrowed from the original Club Penguin. Note that the tracks in each section are listed in no particular order.



Track Name Audio File Location Source/Artist
Fire Dojo Fire Dojo Club Penguin
Paparazzi Shuffle Welcome Room, Mine Shack
Honolulu Honey Cove
Superstar Gift Shop
Crossing Over Night Club
Ocean Voyage Lighthouse (former), Ship Hold
Gravitons Underground Pool
Team Power Snow Forts/Ice Rink (former)
Celebration Town
King of Kingston Coffee Shop, Igloo
Stealth HQ, Igloo
Charlie's Here Pizza Parlor, Igloo
Into The Box Dimension Box Dimension, Igloo
Recyclobot Recycling Plant
I've Been Delayed Lighthouse (former), Igloo TAS 1000
Parks Canada


Track Name Audio File Location Source/Artist
Snowfall-Tower: Courtyard of Snow Ninja Hideout Dialga22239
Tiefsee-Tunnelsystem Pipeline
Geheimraum im Tiefsee Water Engine Room
The Case of Missing Gary Talking to Gary during A Welcoming Flood
The Riddle of the Mysterious Cave Mysterious Labyrinth/R HQ
Stage Stage, Igloo
Ski Lodge Ski Lodge
Dojo Dojo
Paparazzi Plaza Plaza Chris Hendricks (Screenhog)
Park Pet Shop LEGO Island / Lorin Nelson
It's Sunny Today Sports Shop, Gift Shop (former) Royalty Free Song / Julio Kladniew



Track Name Audio File Party Location Source/Artist
Cumulus Festival of Flight Main Theme Club Penguin
Cumulonimbus Hot Air Balloon, Tallest Mountain
Zero Gravity Night Club
Patrick's Jig St. Patrick's Day Party 2020, St. Patrick's Day Party 2021 Main Theme
Fool April Fools Party 2020, April Fools Party 2021 Main Theme
Spicy Salsa Desert Dimension
Box Dimension
(version 5)
Stairs Dimension
Coconut April Fools Party 2020, April Fools Party 2021, Holiday Party 2021 Candy Dimension (April Fools Party)
Cove (Holiday Party)
Lurking in the Shadows Halloween Party 2020, Halloween Party 2021 Main Theme
Haunted Disco Night Club
Spooky Jazz Gift Shop (Halloween Party 2020),
Library (Halloween Party 2021), Igloo
Phantasmagoria Pizza Parlor, Igloo
Dare To Enter The Mansion? Haunted House, Foyer, Dining Hall, Mansion Attic
Halloween Jam Gift Shop (Halloween Party 2021),
Monster Masquerade Secret Lab
Mix (Mix Maestro) Music Jam 2021 Town Center, Night Club, Pet Shop, Igloo
Maybe Baby Coffee Shop
Reggae Stage Cove
Flipper Stomp Iceberg, Igloo
Vegas Lighthouse
Orca Ski Village
Let The Game Begin Penguin Stadium, Snow Forts, Back Stage
Pink Puffle Pop Beach, Dock, Igloo
Good Attitude Plaza, Pizza Parlor
Cannon Fire Island Adventure Party 2021 Ships
Pirates and Monkeys Ski Village, Plaza, Snow Forts
Pirates and Monkeys 2 Cove, Forest
Jungle Crab Town Center
Jungle Dance Night Club
Jungle Beat Tree Forts
The Viking Opera Beach, Dock
Campy's Camp Camp Penguin Beach, Dock, Ski Hill, Ski Village, Snow Forts, Town Center
Campfire Cove, Forest, Plaza, Pizza Parlor
Sled Racing Winter Party The Great Snow Maze
Xylo White Puffle Cave
Santa's Mix Holiday Party 2019,
Holiday Party 2020,
Holiday Party 2021
Main Theme
Holiday Celebration Night Club
Deck The Halls (Piano) Holiday Party 2020,
Holiday Party 2021
Pizza Parlor (Both)
Lighthouse (2020)
Dock, Beach, Coffee Shop (2021)
Santa's Sleigh Santa Sleigh
Xmas Holiday Party 2021 Forest
Jingle Bells Holiday Party 2019 Coffee Shop


Track Name Audio File Party Location Source/Artist
Kazoo April Fools Party 2021 Beach, Dock Kwakuyaa
April Fools Party Theme (Playstation 1 Cover) 32-Bit Dimension Dialga22239
Relic of an Ancient Town Egyptian Party Main Theme
The Arsenic Cake Song Night Club, Igloo
Path to Pharao's Treasure Pyramid Labyrinth, Pharaoh Room
Baking in the Christmas Bakery Holiday Party 2020 Coffee Shop
Saloon Western Party 2019,
Music Jam 2021
Coffee Shop (Western Party 2019),
Forest (Music Jam 2021)
Mr. Skeltal
Organs of the Night Halloween Party 2018,
Halloween Party 2021
Town Center (2018),
Cove, Underground Pool (2021)