CP3D Official Wiki
These are some basic rules/guidelines for editing the wiki.

Keep in mind that these guidelines will become obsolete when a Manual of Style is developed.

1) Unprofessionalism
Make sure that our articles radiate the professionalism that would be expected from a larger wiki. For example, saying things like "The Boiler is a great place to hang out!" or "Puffles and Penguins love to chill at the Ski Hill!" should be discouraged against.

2) Repetition
Articles tend to repeat themselves in places, especially item based ones. If you say it twice, it doesn't need to be said.

3) Grammar
Everyone's favorite. Just make sure the grammar is up to snuff.

4) Exclamation points
General rule of thumb, do not use exclamations. We write in the passive for articles. We're historians. Think like them.

5) Style
Write like a history textbook, not a tabloid.

6) Truths
Do not inject personal opinion or myths into any articles. Focus on the facts. In addition to this, do not add anything to the wiki that is purely based on speculation. Anything that has not been officially confirmed to happen in CP3D should not be documented until it is confirmed, if at all.