CP3D Official Wiki

The wiki now has some basic rules in place to ensure things don't get too wild. Read them here. They can also be accessed from the top navigation bar.


CP3D Official Wiki

No inappropriate content!
We do not allow curse words, slurs, etc in any part of the wiki, whether it be in the forums or in pages. In addition, inappropriate, NSFW images are also prohibited.
Treat others with respect!
Do not harass or be mean to any user on the wiki. This includes indirect comments, such as bullying someone in a forum post. Treat staff with respect also, and follow their orders.
No vandalizing the wiki!
Do not vandalize the wiki in any way, shape, or form. This includes adding joke content or misinformation to any page, or extremes such as replacing entire pages with joke content, inappropriate images, etc.

When creating or editing pages, please follow the Manual of Style.


  • Page Protection
  • A standard article page may be protected if it is regarding a topic that is sensitive, and can easily spread misinformation if changed, such as the statuses of CP3D staff.

  • Blocks
  • Any member of wiki staff has the right to block a user if they deem them worthy of it. Blocks may occur when a member is breaking any of the rules listed above, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the severity.

  • Becoming Staff
  • Users of the wiki can become a member of staff by contacting an existing administrator. In addition, an administrator may also contact a user first if they are interested.