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Cadence is a meetable character in CP3D. She is the island's DJ. Her first appearance was during the Music Jam 2021.


Background Name Available From Available Until
Cadence Music Jam Giveaway July 2, 2021 July 10, 2021


  • She was the eighth meetable character introduced to CP3D.
  • She has a unique special dance.
  • Her dance is inspired by the Club Penguin music video for: The Party Starts Now
  • During her first visit on July 2, 2021, her special player card did not show, and her giveaway could not be claimed. This was quickly fixed.
  • Although she first appeared in July 2021, she was confirmed to exist in CP3D in issue #5 of The Penguin Times, where she was mentioned in 'Ask Aunt Arctic'.


Cadence's Player Cards