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Card-Jitsu Fire is a minigame in CP3D. It can be accessed from the Fire Dojo.

Fire Suit

As a player continues to play rounds of Card-Jitsu Fire, they can earn the full pieces of their fire suit. The items are given in the chronological order of:

When a player obtains all of these items, they have the ability to defeat Sensei. If they succeed at doing so, they can have the fire gem added to their Amulet.


For the stamps for this minigame, see Card-Jitsu Fire stamps.


  • The camera can be rotated by right-clicking the mouse and dragging.
    • The camera angle can be reset by clicking the camera button in the top-right corner.
  • It is the third multiplayer game in CP3D.
  • When the minigame first released, progress was capped at the Magma Coat. This cap was removed on August 22, 2021.