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CP3D Official Wiki

cp3d.org (formerly 3dpengu.in) is the official website of CP3D. It contains download links for the game, troubleshooting information, wallpapers, information about the game, and more.

At the bottom of each section of the site, excluding the play page, there is text that reads:
Club Penguin™ is owned by the Walt Disney Company, and this website is an independent creation with no affiliation.
Art by the CP3D Art Team, past and present.


Home (cp3d.org)

This is the main page for the website. At the top, there is a banner, which is a render taking place at the Beach, and showcases various different penguins. Scrolling down, there is a section containing 5 areas describing different features of the game. These include: 'Play Minigames!', 'Adopt Pets', 'Create Your Style!', 'Decorate Your Own Igloo', and 'Hang Out With Friends!'

At the bottom, there is another section with various things. On the left side, there is a short paragraph titled 'What's CP3D About?', which describes exactly what CP3D is; a fan-made, 3D recreation of Club Penguin. Moving right, there are 2 more sections, each titled 'Useful Links' and 'About Us'. 'Useful Links' contain external links to the game's official social media and others, which include: Twitter, YouTube, Discord, Wiki, and Patreon. At the top of this list, there is an option titled 'Manage Account', which takes users to a page where they can change information about their CP3D account. Finally, on the far right side of this section, there are 2 buttons titled "Change Password" and "Unlock Items". 'Change Password' takes users to a page where they can change the password to their CP3D account, and 'Unlock Items' does nothing, and only takes users to the home page.

Help (cp3d.org/help)

This part of the website displays various pieces of information to help users out with troubleshooting, information about the game, etc. At the top, there is a heading labeled 'Help & Support'. This section links to the Issue Tracker and Troubleshooting page, both of which are Google Doc pages. Respectfully, they list known issues in the game and show information that could help users if they are having trouble with the game.

Just below it, there is another header labeled 'Contact Us'. This section displays the official support email for CP3D (support@cp3d.org), as well as the personal Twitter links for a handful of the staff members. The page advises that the Twitter links not be used as a method of contact unless the team does not respond via the official social links.

Finally, there is a header labeled 'Frequently Asked Questions', which displays 6 different common questions about the game.

Community (cp3d.org/community)

This part of the website is fairly simple. It shows different renders and art pieces that users can set as their desktop wallpaper, as well as fan art sent in by the community.

This was part of the site was formerly the Blog, which contained posts for news on the game. It was removed sometime around March-April 2020.

Download (cp3d.org/download)

This part of the website contains a download for the game, which is Windows 64-Bit only. There was formerly a download for Mac, however it was removed in July of 2020 due to various issues that plagued it. This page also showcases instructions for how to run the application.

Play (play-test.cp3d.org)

This part of the site is where users can play the web version of CP3D, made with WebGL. The page is all blue, at the top-left there are links for the different areas of the CP3D website, same for the bottom. The game itself is displayed in the center of the screen. There is also a "Fullscreen" button, where players can enter a fullscreen view of the game.


Homepage Designs

Homepage Banner Designs (Early-2020 onward)