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Dig Out The Dojo was an event in CP3D. It was an event where penguins could dig the Dojo out from under the snow, due to being struck by lightning during the Halloween Party 2020.

On November 2, 2020, Phase 1 of the event began. in the Dojo, there were pieces of wood scattered around, a lift for exiting out to the Dojo Courtyard, a stand for collecting the Miners Helmet, and blue tarp covering a section of the wall, where a new door was to be cut out. In the Dojo Courtyard, there was not much to see. There was a giant snow mound with the hole created by the lightning strike, a large torii, and a stand for the Snow Shovel to be picked up. A blossom tree and some lanterns could be seen. A mystery penguin known as '???' also stood on top of the snow mound. Clicking on him would reveal his own player card. The Mine Shack had pieces of a torii, blueprints for the Snow Cat, and a large box.

The following week, on November 8, Phase 2 began. The Dojo had a new double-door with the old door being removed, and blue tarp now covered the hole in the roof. The Dojo Courtyard now had much of the roof dug out, and penguins could now enter the Dojo through the new door in the front. Two puffle statues could also be seen on each side of the torii. The Mine Shack had a fully assembled torii and a stone path that penguins could access the Dojo Courtyard from, and the Snow Cat could now be collected by penguins for free to help dig snow faster.

Finally, on November 15, the Grand Opening began. The majority of the Dojo Courtyard was uncovered, and the Dojo was full of decorations. Card-Jitsu was also confirmed during this phase, and is currently slated to release in late November.

On December 1, the event came to a close. The Ninja Hideout became uncovered in the Dojo Courtyard, and the beta of Card-Jitsu was released. The mysterious figure was also revealed to be Sensei.

Free Items

Icon Item Location
Miners Helmet Dojo (during phases 1 & 2)
Snow Shovel Dojo Courtyard (during phases 1 & 2)
Snow Cat Mine Shack (during phase 2)
Geta Sandals Dojo Courtyard (during Grand Opening)


Lightning Strike (October 24 - November 2)

Phase 1 (November 2 - 8)

Phase 2 (November 8 - 15)

Grand Opening (November 15 - December 1)




CP3D - Dig Out the Dojo

Trailer for the event