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The Easter Egg Hunt 2021 was an event in CP3D. It was a scavenger hunt where penguins collect 8 easter eggs hidden around the island. When they did, they got rewarded with the Blue Bunny Ears.

This event started at the same time as April Fools Party 2021.

Egg Locations

Icon Hint Location
"Pay attention to the outside decor,

The bench is right there, don't sit on the floor!"

Town, underneath the bench to the left of the Welcome Room.
"The chair's of no use but this egg seems attached.

Eggs can't get haircuts, come back once you've hatched!"

Gift Shop, on the left salon chair.
"Who's even hiding these eggs, anyway?

Perhaps an old moose should be taking the blame."

Lodge Attic, sitting on the drawer in the corner.
"This egg is sat alone in thought,

'Does water beat snow if the water is hot?'"

Dojo Courtyard, next to the sakura tree.
"Lone hanging speaker, with egg overhead,

Those who seek it find puffles instead."

Stage, sitting on top of the left speaker.
"This egg's a life saver!

Hung on a wall, give it a ring, give it a call."

Lighthouse, sitting on top of the life ring to the left of the door.
"You'll find this one soon, with a bit of luck

Just don't mistake it for a hockey puck."

Ice Rink, in one of the nets.
"This egg has got wheels, it gets around,

Help it by planting some seeds in the ground."

Mine Shack, sitting in the wooden wheelbarrow.


Stamp Image Stamp Name Location
Scavenger Hunt Stamp Completing the Scavenger Hunt