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Easter Eggs are small things around the island in CP3D that are references to various real-life things, other games/events, etc.

List of Easter Eggs in CP3D


  • On the shelf in the Pet Shop, there are Companion Cubes from the game Portal.
  • On the wall in the Dance Lounge, there is a poster featuring Gary and a red penguin with text reading "BACK TO THE ISLAND." This is a reference to the real-life movie Back to the Future.
  • A Portal cake from the game Portal can be seen on one of the pieces of wood in the Mine.
  • There are several Easter Eggs in the reef of the Cove.
    • There is a tiki statue with a Santa hat, which could be seen at the Cove during the Holiday Party 2011 on the original Club Penguin, as well as from the Underwater Expedition.
  • There were various Easter Eggs in the Pipeline.
    • The mural of Richard is a reference to Rattman murals from Portal 2.
    • At one of the ends of the maze, there is a mask from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, along with a can of Mutagen Ooze.
    • The can of beans near the mural resemble the ones seen in Portal 2.
    • At the first area of the room, the first issue of The Penguin Times can be seen on a box.
  • The Attic has a few Easter Eggs:
    • A frangipane (French cake) can be seen in on a table in the Attic. It's a reference to a character of a Youtube show called Joueur du Grenier. (Player of the attic in French)
    • The computer from the show Don't Hug me, I'm Scared can be seen on the desk.
    • A figurine of the cat Feanor of the French artist Maliki can be seen on the desk.1
    • The old model of the Moose Head can be seen in a box.
  • In R HQ, once you're talking to The Director, a few Easter Eggs are hidden in the screen
    • PinguCorp, the name of the computer OS, is named after a Game Jam game Wydrop made.2
    • The IP (457.74.201.11) has several references:
      • 4577 is a number referencing the French ground Stupeflip, as the number is pronounced in a lot of their songs. It's Wydrop's favorite band.3
      • 74 is the department Wydrop was born in France.3
      • 2011 is the year Wydrop joined Club Penguin.3
  • A rock in the Welcome Room has "S.F." written on it. It is a reference to Snowfire, the head developer of CP3D.
  • In the upper part of the Lighthouse, paintings by Dialga22239 are exposed.
  • On the piano score at the Lighthouse, the first four notes of "Megalovania" from the game Undertale can be seen multiple times.
  • The Fish Dogs cart in the Welcome Room is based off of an early concept from Club Penguin, where this cart can be seen.





  • In issue #28, the article reminds the reader not to forget to add wall items such as the Wall Pumpkin. This is a reference to the fact the item in question was initially missing from the October 2020 Better Igloos, but was added in a later update.
  • In issue #29, Aunt Arctic describes the 2nd Year Party Hat as "a fine addition to her collection", which is a reference to General Grievous' line in Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith.
  • In issue #30, the "Top Stories" section tells of a penguin with sunglasses telling the writer to vote for Cream, and another penguin handing out posters encouraging others to vote for Forest Green. These penguins are references to DubPenguin and Raining Pigs, who tried convincing others to vote for Cream and Forest Green respectively.





  • The Cursed Volume resembles Journal #2 from Gravity Falls, with a penguin flipper in place of the hand.
  • The Pile O' Candy has 1 Easter Egg per variation.
    • The first variation has the the 3 elements of Card Jitsu, as represented on the Amulet on one side.
    • The second variation is a Portal reference. You can see a lollipop going through an orange candy and getting out a blue one.
    • The third variation has a candy in the shape of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls.
  • The Holiday Tree has a tiny Richard and Purple Puffle ornament.
  • The Pizza Box drawing is based on the one from Futurama.
  • The Black TV Stand and the Grey TV Stand have a variant featuring the thumbnail of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's fighter introduction video for Mr. Game and Watch, with a penguin in place of the character.



  • The "The Pudding Song" that was playing in the Nightclub during the Egyptian Party and available in igloos is a cover of a music from "Astérix & Cléopatre"
  • In the Lighthouse, music by the band TAS 1000 can be heard.
  • The Good Noodle stamp is a reference to the Good Noodle Board, from the Spongebob Squarepants episode, "New Student Starfish". Both the stamp and the board involve collecting gold stars.
  • The Artful Dodger stamp is a reference to the character of the same name from Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.
  • The Delivery Legend stamp is a reference to the Cartoon Network short Legendary Place, involving a restaurant which prides itself on its legendary delivery.
  • The Go Ballistic! stamp is a reference to the original name of the minigame Hydro Hopper, Ballistic Biscuit.
  • The hint in the Easter Egg Hunt 2021, "perhaps an old moose should be taking the blame", is a reference to the running joke in the CP3D Discord server in which Wydrop is blamed for any issue in the game.


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