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The Evil Puffle is a non-meetable character in CP3D. It is a black puffle with angry red eyes. It has made appearances in some Halloween parties and serves as the main antagonist of the Attack of the Evil Puffle film.

Halloween Party 2019

Halloween Party 2020

  • Once again, the Evil Puffle could be seen from the Haunted House, this time in the forest directly behind the house.
  • The Evil Puffle also appeared in the Attack of the Evil Puffle film this year, where it frightened a poor penguin. At the end of the film, it is revealed that its red eyes and angry eyebrows were just glasses.
  • An emoticon of the Evil Puffle could be used during this party.

Halloween Party 2021

  • The Evil Puffle can, again, be seen from the window of the Haunted House.
  • It also appears in a cage in the Mansion Attic, this time with glowing eyes.


  • The Evil Puffle is based on an old fan-created image for Club Penguin of a fake screenshot, depicting the finding of an "Evil Puffle".
  • Two items were released in the Halloween Party 2020, based on the film Attack of the Evil Puffle. They are the Evil Puffle Glasses (penguin) and Evil Puffle Glasses (puffle), for use with penguins and puffles respectively.
  • It is the second original character in CP3D not from Club Penguin; the first being Richard.