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This article is about something that does not have an official name in CP3D. Therefore, the name seen here is purely descriptive and is not an official title for the subject in question. If the subject is ever given a public name, this will be rectified.

The Fire Dojo Opening was an event in CP3D. It was a direct follow up to Sensei's Fire Scavenger Hunt. It started on April 30, 2021 and ended on May 16, 2021. Sensei visited during this event.

During the first two weeks of this event, there was construction for the new Fire Dojo at that room, as well as the Dojo Courtyard.

On May 9, fire decorations were added at the Dojo Courtyard, Fire Dojo, and Ninja Hideout.

On May 16, the event ended, and Card-Jitsu Fire was released.

Free Items

Icon Item Location
Goldsmith Apron Dojo Courtyard (during construction)
Sensei's Fiery Giveaway Meeting Sensei