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Game Stamps are a type of stamps in CP3D. They can be earned by completing various objectives in minigames. There are currently 86 game stamps in total.

Astro Barrier Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Astro5 Stamp Finish 5 levels Easy Astro5Stamp.png
Astro5 Max Stamp Finish 5 levels without missing a shot Easy Astro5MaxStamp.png
Astro40 Stamp Finish levels 1-40 Medium Astro40Stamp.png
Ship Blast Stamp Use a Blaster to shoot a ship Medium ShipStamp.png
1-up Blast Stamp Use a Blaster to shoot 1-up Medium 1UpBlastStamp.png
Astro Secret Stamp Complete all secret Levels Medium AstroSecretStamp.png
Astro10 Max Stamp Complete levels 1-10 without missing a shot Medium Astro10MaxStamp.png
Astro20 Max Stamp Complete levels 1-20 without missing a shot Medium Astro20MaxStamp.png
Astro Expert Stamp Complete all Expert Levels Hard AstroExpertStamp.png
Astro30 Max Stamp Complete levels 1-30 without missing a shot Hard Astro30MaxStamp.png
Astro 1-up Stamp Collect 8 1-ups Hard Astro1UpStamp.png
Astro Master Stamp Complete 25 levels + Secret and Expert Extreme AstroMasterStamp.png

Bean Counters Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Second Chance Stamp Collect a 1-UP Star Easy SecondChanceStamp.png
Overzealous Stamp Collect too many bags and fall over Easy OverzealousStamp.png
Good Noodle Stamp Collect two 1-UP Stars in one game Medium GoodNoodleStamp.png
Close Call Stamp Finish the game with one life left Medium CloseCallStamp.png
Artful Dodger Stamp Complete all trucks without losing a life Hard ArtfulDodgerStamp.png
Comedy Gold Stamp Complete the game after getting hit by three or more anvils Hard ComedyGoldStamp.png
Spice of Life Stamp Complete the game after getting hit by all three types of obstacles Hard SpiceofLifeStamp.png
Delivery Legend Stamp Complete the game without letting a single bag drop Extreme DeliveryLegendStamp.png

Card-Jitsu Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Elemental Win Stamp Win a match with 3 different elements Easy ElementalWinStamp.png
Grasshopper Stamp Begin your journey. Earn your white belt Easy GrasshopperStamp.png
Fine Student Stamp Reach half way. Earn your blue belt Medium FineStudentStamp.png
Flawless Victory Stamp Win without letting your opponent gain any cards Medium FlawlessVictoryStamp.png
One Element Stamp Win a match with 3 cards of the same element Medium OneElementStamp.png
Match Master Stamp Win 25 matches Hard MatchMasterStamp.png
True Ninja Stamp Prove your ninja skills. Earn your black belt Hard TrueNinjaStamp.png
Ninja Master Stamp Defeat Sensei and become a Ninja Hard NinjaMasterStamp.png
Full Dojo Stamp Win with 9 or more cards Extreme FullDojoStamp.png
Sensei Card Stamp See the Sensei Power Card Extreme SenseiCardStamp.png

Card-Jitsu Fire Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Warm Up Stamp Win 10 matches Easy WarmUpStamp.png
Score Fire Stamp Win 1 energy point in a match Easy ScoreFireStamp.png
Fire Midway Stamp
Earn the Magma Coat.
Finish 50% of your Fire Ninja journey
Medium FireMidwayStamp.png
Strong Defence Stamp Win a match without losing any energy Hard StrongDefenceStamp.png
Fire Suit Stamp Complete your Fire Suit Hard FireSuitStamp.png
Fire Ninja Stamp Defeat Sensei and become a Fire Ninja Hard FireNinjaStamp.png
Max Energy Stamp Win 3 energy points in a match Extreme MaxEnergyStamp.png
Fire Expert Stamp Win 50 matches Extreme FireExpertStamp.png

Find Four Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Victory! Stamp Win a game of Find Four Easy VictoryStamp.png
Loyal Fan Stamp Have one penguin spectate your match Easy LoyalFanStamp.png
Nice Try! Stamp Block your opponent's row of three chips Easy NiceTryStamp.png
Hat Trick Stamp Win three games of Find Four in a row Medium HatTrickStamp.png
Three's a Crowd Stamp Have three penguins spectate your match Medium ThreesACrowdStamp.png
Reach for the Stars Stamp Place a piece on the top row of the board Medium ReachForTheStarsStamp.png
Winning Streak Stamp Win five games of Find Four in a row Hard WinningStreakStamp.png
Championship Stamp Have five penguins spectate your match Hard ChampionshipStamp.png
Globetrotter Stamp Place a piece in all four corners of the board Hard GlobetrotterStamp.png
What Now? Stamp Draw a game Extreme WhatNowStamp.png

Hydro Hopper Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Jumping Joe Stamp Jump over 1 obstacle in one go Easy JumpingJoeStamp.png
Oh Buoy Stamp Hit 3 buoys in one game Easy OhBuoyStamp.png
Hop to It Stamp Reach level 5 Easy HopToItStamp.png
Jumping Jack Stamp Jump over 3 obstacles in one go Medium JumpingJackStamp.png
Buoyfriends Stamp Hit 5 buoys in one game Medium BuoyfriendsStamp.png
Ocean Voyager Stamp Reach level 10 Medium OceanVoyagerStamp.png
Jumping Jock Stamp Jump over 5 obstacles in one go Hard JumpingJockStamp.png
Buoys'll be Buoys Stamp Hit 7 buoys in one game Hard BuoysllBeBuoysStamp.png
Go Ballistic Stamp Reach level 15 Extreme GoBallisticStamp.png

Ice Fishing Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Snack Attack Stamp Feed a fish to a shark Easy SnackAttackStamp.png
Shock King Stamp Get 3 shocks from jellyfish and finish the game Medium ShockKingStamp.png
Fishtastic Stamp Catch 15 fish without any mistakes Medium FishtasticStamp.png
Worm Win Stamp Finish the game without losing a worm Hard WormWinStamp.png
Crab Cuts Stamp Have 3 crabs cut your line and finish the game Hard CrabCutsStamp.png
Afishionado Stamp Catch 45 fish without any mistakes Hard AfishionadoStamp.png
Prize Mullet Stamp Capture Mullet Hard PrizeMulletStamp.png

Jet Pack Adventure Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Lift Off! Stamp Take off and return to the launch pad Easy LiftOffStamp.png
Fuel Rank 1 Stamp Collect all fuel cans in level 1 Easy FuelRank1Stamp.png
Jet Pack 5 Stamp Complete 5 levels Medium JetPack5Stamp.png
Crash! Stamp Crash land your jet pack at the Forest Medium CrashStamp.png
Fuel Rank 2 Stamp Collect all fuel cans in level 2 Medium FuelRank2Stamp.png
Fuel Rank 3 Stamp Collect all fuel cans in level 3 Medium FuelRank3Stamp.png
Fuel Rank 4 Stamp Collect all fuel cans in level 4 Medium FuelRank4Stamp.png
Fuel Rank 5 Stamp Collect all fuel cans in level 5 Medium FuelRank5Stamp.png
1-up Leader Stamp Collect 2x 1-ups Medium 1UpLeaderStamp.png
Kerching! Stamp Collect 650 coins Hard KerchingStamp.png
Fuel Commander Stamp Collect all fuel cans in 1 game Hard FuelCommanderStamp.png
Fuel Wings Stamp Collect a fuel can while falling Hard FuelWingsStamp.png
1-up Captain Stamp Find all 1-ups in one game Hard 1UpCaptainStamp.png
Ace Pilot Stamp Complete the game without collecting coins Extreme AcePilotStamp.png

Pizzatron 3000 Stamps

Name Description Difficulty Image
Food Fiasco Stamp Make a mess of the kitchen with 3 wrong pizzas Easy FoodFiascoStamp.png
Is the chef a Shrimp? Stamp Play Pizzatron in Shrimp Mode Easy IsTheChefShrimpStamp.png
Chef's Hat Stamp Make 20 pizzas without any mistakes Medium ChefsHatStamp.png
Spice Sea Stamp Make 3 hot sauce and shrimp pizzas to order Medium SpiceSeaStamp.png
Fiery Squids Stamp Make 3 hot sauce and squid pizzas to order Hard FierySquidsStamp.png
Pizza Chef Stamp Make 30 pizzas without any mistakes Hard PizzaChefStamp.png
Pizza Master Stamp Make 40 pizzas without any mistakes Extreme PizzaMasterStamp.png
Shrimp Chef Stamp Make 25 pizzas in Shrimp Mode without any mistakes Extreme ShrimpChefStamp.png