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Game Stamps are a type of stamps in CP3D. They can be earned by playing games There are currently 54 game stamps.

Astro Barrier

Name Description Difficulty Image
Astro5 Stamp Finish 5 levels Easy Astro5Stamp.png
Astro5 Max Stamp Finish 5 levels without missing a shot Easy Astro5MaxStamp.png
Astro40 Stamp Finish levels 1-40 Medium Astro40Stamp.png
Ship Blast Stamp Use a Blaster to shoot a ship Medium ShipStamp.png
1-up Blast Stamp Use a Blaster to shoot 1-up Medium 1UpBlastStamp.png
Astro Secret Stamp Complete all secret Levels Medium AstroSecretStamp.png
Astro10 Max Stamp Complete levels 1-10 without missing a shot Medium Astro10MaxStamp.png
Astro20 Max Stamp Complete levels 1-20 without missing a shot Medium Astro20MaxStamp.png
Astro Expert Stamp Complete all Expert Levels Hard AstroExpertStamp.png
Astro30 Max Stamp Complete levels 1-30 without missing a shot Hard Astro30MaxStamp.png
Astro 1-up Stamp Collect 8 1-ups Hard Astro1UpStamp.png
Astro Master Stamp Complete 25 levels + Secret and Expert Extreme AstroMasterStamp.png