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The Halloween Candy Hunt 2021 was an event in CP3D. It is a scavenger hunt where penguins find 8 candies hidden around the island. Upon finding all the candies, the player is rewarded with the Pumpkin Antennae.

This event started at the same time as the Halloween Party 2021 and 3rd Anniversary Party.

Candy Locations

Icon Hint Location
"This candy hunt's a work of art,
Make a drink before you start."
Coffee Shop, underneath the pumpkin in front of the board*
"A coastal poster's taking root,
A leafy candy follows suit."
Beach, next to a candle near the tree
"You're doing great, keep this up.
This candy offers you a cup."
Town Center, on the table in front of the coffee shop
"Bats and Ghosts fly through the sky,
This jetpacked candy wants to try."
Beacon, on the fence next to the launchpad
"Tired of our little game?
Rest inside beside the flame."
Ski Lodge, in front of the fireplace
"Underground and undersea,
You'll stay safe with this candy."
Underground Pool, on the chair
"A haunted home's filled with deserts!
Chances are they might be cursed."
Haunted House, on the table
"Don't take offense - say trick or treat!
A candy lies out on the street."
Snow Forts, next to the fence

*During the 3rd Anniversary Party, the candy was more easily seen, as it was near the coffee machine.


Hunt Interface

Candy Locations