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The Halloween Party 2021 was a party in CP3D. It started on October 24, 2021, alongside the 3rd Anniversary Party and Halloween Candy Hunt 2021, and ended on November 10, 2021. It was the game's 4th annual Halloween Party.

Pre-party decorations were added on October 15, 2021, which featured dark clouds in the background of all outdoor rooms, alongside posters in the Town, Beach, and Ski Village for Attack of the Evil Puffle and the Night of the Living Sled trilogy. On October 24, the party began. Several decorations were added throughout the island, and a dark night sky and storm covered the sky.

The most prominent new attraction in this party was Gariwald's Mansion, which could be accessed from the Forest and consisted of several rooms to explore. The Five Spooky-Keys Hunt was present in these rooms, where players needed to find 5 different keys in the different rooms of the mansion to unlock a treasure chest in the Foyer, in which the Ghost Goggles could be obtained from it when the hunt was completed. When it was obtained and worn by the player, a door in the back wall of the Foyer appeared, and when entered, players could access the Ghost Lab, where they could meet up with Gariwald VIII and be turned into a ghost via the Ghostamatron machine. This was the first time a transformation appeared in CP3D.

Ghost Transformation

When a player became a ghost in the Ghost Lab, all items that they were currently wearing were automatically unequipped. The appearance of the ghost was similar to the normal penguin, however there was a slight transparent effect, and the feet of the penguin were not present. Rather than walk, they would hover above the ground. There was no dance animation, however, when a player waved as a ghost, they would grow bigger and scream with their hands open.

Free Items

For items sold at the Lighthouse, see Halloween Catalog. For items sold at the Secret Lab, see Monster Maker.

Icon Item Location
Gary's Giveaway Meeting Gary
Ghost Costume Haunted House
Ghost Goggles Foyer, after completing the Five Spooky-Keys Hunt
Inverted Eyes Mansion Attic
Storm Lantern Dark Chamber
Too Much Candy Monster Room

Party Emoticons

3rd Year Party Hat Evil Puffle Ghost Pumpkin Skull Vampire


  • This party and the 3rd Anniversary Party share the same logo.
  • The teaser for the party uses the song "Thriller", remixed by AjaxStriker and the song is originally by Michael Jackson.
    • Likewise in the teaser, the Theatre is playing "Vincent Price - Thriller", which is a reference to the theatre shown in the original song.
  • There were several easter eggs in this party.
    • A White Puffle could be seen behind a tree in the Ski Village.
    • In the Mansion Attic, Luigi's cap from the Super Mario games could be seen, along with an Evil Puffle in a cage.
    • In the Ghost Lab, the icon on the Ghostamatron when a player becomes a ghost is similar to that of a ghost seen in Pac-Man.
  • In the trailer for the party, the Ghost Lab used is an outdated version, which uses a member badge instead of the ghost symbol in the released version.


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Gariwald's Mansion


Party Teasers


CP3D - Halloween 2021 Teaser

Teaser for the party.

Party Trailer


CP3D - Halloween 2021 Trailer

Trailer for the party.