The Holiday Party 2019 was a party in CP3D.

During the party, players could obtain 10 different free items from the 2019 Advent Calendar. Players could also take part in Coins for Change 2019.


Start Date End Date
December 15, 2019 January 3, 2020

Free Items

Icon Item Location
Bell Lighthouse
Rockhopper's 2019 Holiday Giveaway Meeting Rockhopper
Santa Hat Ski Village
Santa Seat Background Book Room


New Years' Event

Sometime during the party, a fireworks event was held to celebrate the new year of 2020. It is unknown when it started or ended, however, a video was posted to the CP3D YouTube channel showing the Town and Ski Hill. It is unknown if the fireworks could be seen in any other rooms.


CP3D - Happy New Year!

The video for this event, showcasing the Town and Ski Hill.

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