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Hydro Hopper is a minigame in CP3D. The goal of it is to hop over different types of obstacles to score points without getting knocked into the water.


In this minigame, the player rides along on an inner tube pulled by a motorboat and jumps over obstacles to collect coins while avoiding actually hitting those obstacles. The penguin follows the mouse in an arc based on its horizontal position, and can jump by left clicking anywhere on the screen.

In each level a series of obstacles appear and the player must avoid them while jumping over short ones to gain points. Hitting an obstacle causes a player to lose a life (from the starting amount of 1 +3 extra lives). Starting from level 2 the player may gain another life by collecting rare life preservers, but they can never collect more than 3 extra lives. The game ends when you finish all levels or run out of inner tubes. It is currently unknown the exact amount of levels that exist.

Whenever the player dodges an obstacle they receive 1 point, and when the player jumps over a short obstacle they receive 10 points. There are a set number of obstacles per level, and once all of those have been passed the current level is finished. The amount of obstacles is specific for the first 8 levels and after that increases by 30 per level. The obstacles per level are as follows:

  • Level 1 - 20 Obstacles
  • Level 2 - 60 Obstacles
  • Level 3 - 120 Obstacles
  • Level 4 - 210 Obstacles
  • Level 5 - 330 Obstacles
  • Level 6 - 480 Obstacles
  • Level 7 - 660 Obstacles
  • Level 8 - 870 Obstacles
  • Any level beyond that - Prior level obstacle count + 30

The amount of coins earned is calculated by dividing total score by 2. For example if you get 1400 points, you will earn 700 coins.


More obstacles appear every level up to level 5. All obstacles function the same except for ducks and sharks, which have the ability to move.

Spawning from the start:

  • Wood logs
  • Yellow periscopes
  • Bottles with messages
  • Icebergs
  • Beach balls

Spawning at level 2:

  • Buoys - starting level 2

Spawning at level 3:

  • Frog on a lilypad

Spawning at level 4:

  • Ducks

Spawning at level 5

  • Shark fins - move diagonally


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