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The Paper Boat Scavenger Hunt was an event in CP3D. It is a scavenger hunt where penguins find 8 paper boats hidden around the island. Upon finding all the paper boats, the player is rewarded with the Treasure Cove Background. Additionally, the scavenger hunt interface turns into a treasure map of the Cove and Forest. After digging on the red x with a Miners Helmet, penguins receive the Pirate Bandanna.

This event started at the same time as Island Adventure Party 2021.

Paper Boat Locations

Hint Location
"The campfire's roaring, the tea is poured,

And in the bushes this boat is stored."

Forest, in one of the bushes near the telescope.
"Blue flags are flying on this sandy shore,

The boat is anchored above a door."

Beach, on the sign above the Lighthouse door.
"Pirate ships battle! Cannon balls woosh!

This boat's taking cover behind a bush!"

Snow Forts, in one of the bushes to the left of the Penguin Stadium path.
"The music's loud, the crowd is big,

This boat alights a sailors jig"

Night Club, on the spotlight.
"To find this boat without a scuffle,

Look to the bandana of a pirate puffle."

Plaza, behind the puffle sign on the Pet Shop.
"To find this next boat just look up,

Inside a giant wooden cup."

Town, inside the wooden cup on the Coffee Shop exterior.
"This next boat's high up in the air,

Hidden near a revolving chair."

Ski Village, behind the wooden post.
"This last boat's been in a tree awhile,

Hidden on a deserted isle."

Iceberg, resting on the palm tree.


Hunt Interface

Boat Locations