The Pipeline is a room in Club Penguin 3D. It is a maze that leads to the Water Engine Room


This Room is only accessible by Agents and was opened during the 2020 Water Party. Once you go through the door behind the waterfall, you will enter a small room that was seemingly occupied by Rory , shown from the notes, picture and newspaper. In the middle of this room is a giant hatch leading to the pipes below the island. During the mini-mission, A Welcoming Flood, the player needs to navigate these pipes to find Richard's mission report and access the Water Engine Room. The mission report is located alongside a mural of Richard himself near the start of the maze. 

Easter Eggs

The Pipeline has various Easter eggs hidden throughout it:

  • In the starting room there is notes signed by Rory as well as a picture of the Stage during it's contruction
  • The first issue of the Penguin Times can be seen on a box
  • The Richard mural is a reference to Portal 2's Rattman murals
  • Cans of Beans can be seen with the mural that resemble the ones seen in Portal 2
  • A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mask can be found alongside a canister of Mutagen Ooze


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