Puffles are creatures in CP3D which serve as pets that accompany penguins. They can be bought from the Pet Catalog located in the Pet Shop. They come in seven colors currently, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange and black. They can be found in your igloo if you are not walking them.

The Puffle Party 2021 is a party dedicated to puffles.


When clicking on your Puffle, there are four bars that read 'Play', 'Clean', 'Rest', and 'Food'. There is also circles with various actions at the bottom. They are:

  • Play: The puffle does a unique playing animation. This increases the 'Play' stat, but decreases 'Clean', 'Rest', and 'Food'.
  • Bathe: The puffle is cleaned in a bath. This increases 'Play' and 'Clean', but decreases 'Rest' and 'Food'.
  • Sleep: The puffle goes to sleep. This increases 'Rest' and decreases 'Play' and 'Food'.
  • Walk: The puffle begins to follow you. Then, you can take it to any room. Clicking the icon again sends the puffle back to your igloo.
  • Return to Wild The puffle is released to the wild, and can never be seen again.

Puffles also have an inventory tab, from which you can feed them Puffle Food and equip Puffle Hats.


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