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The Recycle Hunt was a scavenger hunt in CP3D that took place during the Earth Day Party 2020. Upon completion, it rewarded the player with the Recycle Pin. Players needed to find 8 pieces of trash from around the island.

Object Locations

Icon Hint Location
"The first thing that must be found,
Lays by the tracks to the underground."
Near the shack at the Mine Shack.
"Aside from this, there's more to find,
Like books, scones and coffee grind."
Near the couch on the back wall of the Coffee Shop.
"Look up high for something to find,
This one sits up by a sign."
Against the pole at the Ski Hill.
"On a bookshelf, this bag sits,
Those who read may get the hint."
On top of the bookshelf in the Book Room.
"This one rests along the trees,
Finding it should be a breeze."
Near the trees in the Forest.
"Not all recyclables may be on the ground,
On a table is where this one is found."
On top of one of the tables in the Plaza.
"You're almost done cleaning for the day,
Look for a place where puffles play."
Near the shelf of supplies at the Pet Shop.
"The last of them all sits upon the shore,
Recycle it to earn your score."
Near the shore of the left side of the Cove.