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The Recycling Plant is a room in CP3D. It opened during the Earth Day Party 2020, and can be accessed from the Mine Shack.

The room features a large machine called the Recycletron 3000. On one end, players can throw in pieces of trash (in the same way you throw snowballs), and small pieces of trash at a time go into the middle section of the machine, where it gets transformed into a useful object, such as a lamp or anvil. It comes out the other end, and a claw on the opposite side of the room picks it up and carries it out.

There are also a few other pieces of equipment in the room, including a machine that seems to operate the Recycletron 3000, as well as a normal computer in the corner of the room.


Image Pin Date Released
Sun Pin June 28, 2020
Mining Lantern Pin January 10, 2021