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PenguinOops.png Spoilers
This article contains spoilers about a hidden element in CP3D. It is suggested that if you have not found this yourself then you do so before reading this article.

Richard, also known as Agent R, is a non-meetable character in CP3D. He was created by the fans and was a secret agent before going missing. His color is old blue and he uses the original penguin model.


Richard was originally a placeholder penguin model unintentionally left in the Mine Shack, near the Cave Entrance. He was given his name by fans in-game, and the name was popularized by videos made by alaviivamies44.

The placeholder penguin was removed in the update for the Halloween Party 2018. Due to fan response, Richard was added back into the game after the party ended, but with an invisible barrier preventing players from reaching him. Eventually, he was removed once more when the room was updated on May 6, 2019.

Further Appearances

  • During the Western Party 2019, wanted posters for Richard were posted around the island.
  • During the Halloween Party 2019, a shadow of Richard could be seen behind the Town.
  • During the 1st Anniversary Party, Richard appeared as a decoration on the back of the anniversary cake.
  • After the Stage was built, an information board was added to the Plaza. One of the papers on the board is a missing penguin poster for Richard.
  • Richard's face can be seen on the Soda Bottle.

Gone Missing

On May 6, 2019, Richard was removed from the Cave Entrance, and thus went missing. Since then there have been many attempts to find him and flyers around the island with his name on them. These include "WANTED ALIVE" posters with his face and name on them during the Western Party 2019, and a "Have you seen this penguin?" poster with only his face located in the Plaza.