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The cover of the book.

Rockhopper and the Stowaway is a book in CP3D. It can be read from the Book Shelf in the Book Room.


The book follows a voyage of Rockhopper on the Migrator, shortly after he leaves CP3D Island. He discovers a light blue penguin named Bambadee hiding in the ship hold, who wanted to sail off onto an island with Rockhopper to get away from penguins who bullied him.

Rockhopper then explains to Bambadee the importance of being on CP3D, and that he could be his friend. Bambadee then sails back to the island with Rockhopper, this time being welcomed by fellow penguins.

Bambadee went on to make colored bracelets for everyone on the island, just like the one he wears. One of those bracelets, called the Friendship Bracelet, can be collected at the last page of the book.


Pictures in the book