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Heads up! The guidelines for the wiki are now obsolete, in favor of the superior Manual of Style. Read it here.

To-Do List
These are some things that currently need done to various articles. Feel free to help out if you can!

If you wish to edit this list, please go to Template:ToDoList.

  • Some articles are not up to date. Look in the 'Outdated Articles' category page for any article that falls under being outdated.
    • Most room articles need up to date images of their vanilla designs. Notable mentions are the Dance Lounge, Pizza Parlor, and most outdoor rooms showing the pre-2020 tree model.
      • The date for the updated tree models occurring is February 7, 2020.
  • Various items need the "Rare Item" category added to them. The criteria for rarity are listed here.
  • Item articles for some clothing and furniture need to be created. Try searching at the list of red links.
  • Look for any articles that aren't following the Manual of Style, and edit them to comply.
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