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From the community
These are some basic rules/guidelines for editing the wiki.

1) Unprofessionalism

Make sure that our articles radiate the professionalism that would be expected from a larger wiki. For example, saying things like "The Boiler is a great place to hang out!" or "Puffles and Penguins love to chill at the Ski Hill!" should be discouraged against.

2) Repetition

Articles tend to repeat themselves in places, especially item based ones. If you say it twice, it doesn't need to be said.

3) Grammar

Everyone's favorite. Just make sure the grammar is up to snuff.

4) Exclamation points

General rule of thumb, do not use exclamations. We write in the passive for articles. We're historians. Think like them.

5) Style

Write like a history textbook, not a tabloid.

To-Do List
These are some things that currently need done to various articles. Feel free to help out if you can!
  • Update the images on most room articles to be up to date. Notable mentions are the Dance Lounge, and most outdoor rooms showing the pre-2020 tree model.
  • Various pages for stamps need to be created/completed.
  • Articles for Snow and Sports catalogs need to be created and filled out with items.
  • Various items need the "Rare Item" category added to them.
  • Item articles for clothing and furniture need to be created. A good place to start would be at recently released catalogs.
  • Articles for Igloo Upgrades catalogs need to be created and filled out with items.
  • Most every room article needs to have images of that room decorated during every party.
  • Of course, some articles are not up to date. Look in the 'Outdated Articles' category page for any article that falls under here.
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