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Example usage:


How To Use

In any other item

  • image1 - Put the icon of the image. ItemNameIcon.png
  • available - In this area, simply put "Yes" or "No". If the item is currently available, input "Yes". If not, input "No".
  • type - This is asking for the category the item is in, e.g. [[Head Item]]
  • cost - This is where you put the cost of the item. e.g. 50 [[coins]]. If the item in question was free, input "Free".
  • party - This is where to put the party the item was available at, such as [[April Fools Party 2021]]. If the item was not available at a party, input "None" in italics. ''None''
  • found - This is where to put the location the item was available at. If it was from a catalog, link the catalog it was available in. If it was a free party item, link the room it was available in.
    • If the item was in a party-exclusive catalog, link the catalog, alongside the party in party.

In Postcards

Only use the image1, available, and cost parameters in this case. In image1, put an image of the postcard.