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MusicJam2021EmoticonPump.gif Welcome to my user page, Fandom user!
Hi there! If you're reading this... why, who knew anyone checked user pages lol. Anyways, I'm ChrisCPI, one of the main administrators here on the CP3D Official Wiki!

Ask me anything about the wiki if you have any questions!

Trivia about me

  • I've been playing CP3D since May 2020.
  • I've been an administrator of the wiki since April 3, 2021.
  • I own quite a few puffles, but they are hidden in the corner of my igloo, which happens to be blocked off. Oh well, at least they never need fed. Everyone gangsta till the team fixes that.
  • I have 112 stamps.
  • My favorite item is the Penguin Band Hoodie.
  • I want the Mask to return. please staff if you're reading this bring it back in october penguin style pretty please
  • Quite a few of my jokes and art have made it into The Penguin Times. This is more of a flex than a fun fact but oh well
  • I have too many items in my igloo.
  • I have met all of the mascots bwahahahhaa bow before me
You're a sneaky little imposter, you are!
PH during the Puffle Party 2021

my art being in the book room (even tho they got my name wrong smh)


CP3D - Anniversary Livestream!-2

palpatine shouting me out for the wiki :yay:

heres some achievements
click on the picture to go to olie's totally real and not at all fake wiki page
click on the puffle to go to the best article known to man

click here to go to my testing page |}