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Waving emoticon.gif Hello!

Welcome to my userpage, Fandom user!

Hello wiki user! I am Jeff The Rock! I've been playing CP3D since just before the Water Party of 2020!

Here are some facts about me!

Because you didn't ask for it, here's some stuff!


Image Name Colour Date of adoption Notes
Green puffle (1).png Oddball Green July 2020 First puffle.
PurplePuffle.png The Wiki Purple July 2021 This was for a joke, look at the

Gallery tab.

Blue puffle (1).png Joe Blue N/A
RedPuffle.png Yarr Red October 15, 2021 N/A
YellowPuffle.png Arthur Yellow October 17, 2021 N/A
PinkPuffle.png Pinky Pink October 17, 2021 N/A
OrangePuffle.png Glop Orange October 17, 2021 N/A
BlackPuffle.png Guy Fieri Black October 17, 2021 N/A
image comign soon™ Snowy White November 30, 2021 N/A
MagnifyingGlassIcon.png Pin Tracker
2022 Updated Pin Tracker
Location found!
Loading Arrows.gif Pin: Still the Microscope Pin
Location: Still the Sports Shop
Customize For public use In order to use, simply add {{PinTracker}} Originally created by Penguin-Pal on the CP Wiki

My stamps (Accurate as of August 1, 2022)

Category Subcategory Stamps Category Total
Events Characters 6/8 20/29
Party 14/21
Activities N/A 15/20
Games Astro Barrier 3/12 31/86
Bean Counters 0/8
Find Four 8/10
Hydro Hopper 1/9
Ice Fishing 7/7
Jet Pack Adventure 3/14
Pizzatron 3000 6/8
Card-Jitsu 2/10
Card-Jitsu Fire 1/8
Total: 66/135

Personal Achievements

Location Achievement Date Sources (if any)
CP3D Got in the newspaper August 31, 2021 Jeffsbadjokeinpaper.png
CP3D Official Wiki Made me userpage finally August 31, 2021 You're looking at it.
CP3D Paper V2 September 25, 2021


Final Item Count + List

this ones gonna be closer to the end of the game please hold


Igloo Music

spooky jazz best track no competition (final track played in my igloo)



You can see my sub-pages here!