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Wydrop is a developer, modeler and artist for CP3D.


  • Wydrop's main contributions are the main island model and textures.
  • He always wears the Zeus The Moose Head.
  • He made the front page of the CP3D website.
  • He worked on a 3D version of Club Penguin before moving to CP3D[1].
  • Wydrop is from France.
  • His favorite game is Portal 2, and he put a lot of easter eggs from that game into CP3D.
  • He is a user of the wiki. His user can be found here.
  • The CP3D Discord made two running gags about Wydrop:
    • He has a secret basement where he keeps all of the mascots. At some point he had D3iviz and presumably Richard in his basement. Whether or not Richard is still in the basement is a topic for speculation.(this is a joke)
    • Whenever there is an issue in the game, he is the one to blame.